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Raw Diva is an all-female commercial dance class for women in Oxford. Commercial is a dance style often referred to as hip hop, street or urban dance - all encompass what Raw Diva stands for; empowering women (we're all about good vibes and Girl Power here!), embracing your femininity, building confidence and having fun while learning powerful, sassy moves to unleash your inner Diva!

Classes run every Tuesday from 7-8pm and cost £8.


Class always starts with a warm up; stretching the muscles and raising your heart rate so that you're ready to bust some serious (and not so serious) moves! After that, we do a quick cardio track or some body conditioning (depending on how energetic we're feeling!) - otherwise it's straight on to learning the routine and then practising it 8,364 times. Give or take.

With Raw Diva you don't need to have danced before - beginners are always welcome and classes are run so that a new section of routine is taught every lesson. That way you can join any time, you don't need to attend every class and you wont feel left behind if you've missed a week - we get that women have busy lives; so just come along when you can.

Classes are designed especially for us gals and are suitable for anyone 14+ (nothing against the youngsters but some of the songs aren't always PG if you catch my drift). There's no upper age limit though, which many of us are thankful for...

The classes are all about enjoying yourself - having fun while keeping fit and more importantly learning great routines. So dust off those dancing shoes and get your twinkle toes ready to come and see what it's all about!

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